Keep Your Sanity During The Showing Surge! Cary, NC Sees Even Lower Housing Inventory - March 2021

Dated: March 31 2021

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Keep Your Sanity During The Showing Surge!

With such limited inventory on the market right now, expect an influx of buyers wanting to see your home. We've seen as many as 30 people wanting to see a home the very first day that it goes on the market. Now, I know this can be really stressful and overwhelming to the seller. And trust me, I understand. 

My name is Justin Hemker with The Namas Team at EXP Realty. You may be wondering how to handle all the agents and showing times and coordination of everything that goes into selling your home. So here are a few tips that may make the experience a little easier on you. 

My number one piece of advice is to leave for the entire first day, or even better, the whole first this weekend that your home goes live on the MLS and come back Sunday evening once the frenzy is over. Take a weekend trip to the beach or the mountains! 

If that doesn't work for you, then you can allow for shorter viewing times for each house hunter. Now this isn't customary, but if you don't wanna be inconvenienced and you wanna make sure that all the buyers have the opportunity to see the home, this could be an option. And by the way, this also helps with FOMO, or fear of missing out. When buyers see other buyers in the property, they may be willing to pay even more because they don't wanna lose out and it creates competition. 

There's quite a few options to consider, but I don't wanna keep you for too long. The good news is that you've got all of the control and you should expect to sell your home for top dollar with the most favorable terms. 

And if you'd like more information and are thinking about selling, give us a call at The Namas Team. We'd be happy to help. And be sure to check out our YouTube channel for more tips when selling. And don't forget, if you're thinking about selling your home here in Cary, North Carolina, we are your resident real estate specialists. We're here to serve because, "We want you to love where you live."

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