List First or Buy First in Cary, NC?

Dated: March 12 2021

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Should you list first, or buy first when moving-up or downsizing your Cary, NC home?

Navigating a busy seller’s market with low inventory can be a real challenge. How do you coordinate selling and buying at the same time? Should you list first or find a new house first? 

I’ve been helping people sell and buy in Cary and have helped my clients navigate successful transactions like this. In a hot seller’s market like ours, many sellers won’t accept contingencies. Especially if your current home isn’t even listed yet. 

There are some great options for you as a seller though, one is a seller lease back. This means you stay in the house after closing for a negotiated amount of time so you can find and close on your new home. Another option is to extend the escrow period, meaning you close in 60 days instead of 30 to give you a little more time on the buying side. These ideas can also be helpful when strategizing the offer you make on the new house.  

If you’re thinking of buying and selling in and around Cary, my team and I would love to assist you. Always reach out for any advice or feedback as we’re here to help. I'm Justin Hemker with the Namas Team, brokered by EXP Realty. Remember, "We want you to love where you live."

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